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How To Choose A Criminal Law Firm and Plan A Criminal Case

Criminal allegations such as drug possession, rape, theft, murder or assault could land you in jail. A criminal law firm will represent you in court to ensure you are acquitted of all your charges. Below is a guide to help you hire a criminal law firm and plan your defence. 

Hiring a Criminal Law Firm

Below are some tips to help you choose a criminal law firm to represent you in court. 

  • Work with reputable law firms that have experienced lawyers. Personal investigators and paralegals will help the lawyer gather evidence.
  • Inquire about personalised services such as online consultations, after-hours availability and weekend services.
  • The law firm should be reasonably priced. You may or may not qualify for free or discounted legal assistance.
  • Check the terms and conditions of the contract of engagement. For example, how does the firm handle client disputes? What can prompt an early contract termination? 

Planning the Defence 

A well-planned defence will guarantee a win in court. Below is a guide:

Remain Truthful

Guilty or innocent, you must be truthful to your lawyer. It will help him or her decide a suitable method to attack and discredit the prosecution. For instance, if you had blood-stained clothes, your lawyer could ask the judge to remove the evidence if the prosecution cannot prove whose blood it was.

Obey Court Orders

If you are in police custody, the criminal lawyer could ask the police to release you on bail. The police could  ask you to avoid contact with victims, to stay in the country or to avoid commenting about the case. You could get re-arrested if you do not obey these orders. 


Evidence is an essential aspect of any criminal case. Your lawyer will examine the evidence presented by the defence to determine its authenticity. Typically, all evidence should connect you to the crime. He or she may require photos, CCTV footage, witness statements and expert witnesses to argue out your case in the courtroom.

Know Your Needs

Your lawyer should know your needs. For example, if you were co-arrested with a spouse or child, you could ask the lawyer to prioritise their innocence. If you are guilty of financial crimes such as embezzlement or corruption, you could ask the lawyer to protect your public image and that of your business. As such, you could opt for out-of-court agreements where you return the embezzled funds with interest.

You should now have an easy time choosing a criminal law firm and planning your defence strategy. Remain truthful to your lawyer, obey the terms of bail, examine the evidence and know your needs. 

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