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Preparing for Your Court Appearance after an Assault Charge

If you have been charged with assault, consult a qualified criminal lawyer for legal counsel. Often, people accused of this offence take the matter lightly, especially in cases where the other party might not have sustained severe harm. However, you must understand that this type of case can attract serious penalties, even where no actual injuries were inflicted. A criminal lawyer will provide information and act on your behalf in court, minimising the potential consequences of the allegation. Here are some additional guidelines to keep in mind while preparing for your court appearance.

Understand the Pleas

The lack of understanding of pleas during an assault charge hearing often leads to undue penalties. Wrong pleas are common among people without a legal advisor because some misunderstand the question posed in court. For instance, some people will plead guilty because they assume that the court is simply inquiring if you committed the alleged act. In reality, the question demands to know if you committed the crime. A guilty plea may eliminate your chance to present a better defence.

Consider the Defence

When preparing for a court appearance, explain the entire sequence of events to your criminal lawyer. This process is crucial for finding the right defence for the presented charges. Often, people assume that concealing information is better because the lawyer will not be biased against them. Unfortunately, this action will harm your case. Keep in mind that in assault cases, other parties are present on the scene. Therefore, misrepresenting the situation will only cause your lawyer to be caught off-guard by the opposition. The best defence in assault is often acting in self-defence or due to provocation. Therefore, prepare notes on the details that led to the moment of the act.

Know the Alternatives

If you are indeed guilty of the act of assault, discuss the options for managing the final outcome of your case with your criminal lawyer. The goal should be to minimise the effect of the crime on your future. For example, some assault charges will result in significant time in jail. However, your lawyer can argue for your sentence to be reduced or to have the matter handled through a fine. Provide all information requested by your legal expert to ensure you have an advantage in managing the consequences.

Finally, plan on presenting yourself well in court. Choose appropriate clothes, and do not be late for the proceedings. Also, follow your lawyer's guidance during the process, and avoid acting out in court. Reach out to a criminal law firm for assistance. 

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Get Out of Jail Free Card

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